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Yvonne Allsopp
Model/Make-up Artist


I have been modeling worldwide for over 15 years and have had my fair share of skin products, expensive, inexpensive, different tube shapes and sizes, jars, pots, sachets some easier to travel with than others. They have promised this and that and the other. I have never been really convinced. I've used Maria Galland and I've tried La Prairie, I mean yes it's all good. Well it seems good but my skin seems to still crave something more and anyway who can afford to keep that up and what's more, it isn't always in the right packaging. With C'Armour Skin, after a few applications my skin seems to be relaxed in a way, less taut, less tired looking , lines seem softer. This wonder cream is packaged in a funky little tube and it fits in every bag, is not heavy and is easy to use with its flip top. I love C'Armour Skin and would recommend it to everyone! I have it on my xmas list and every other list I will be writing in the future.  Guys you also need some, my husband looks pretty good these days, even when he's frowning! 

Laura Aguon
Photographer/Make-up Artist 


I LOVE C'Armour Skin!

I have tried many things over the  years that would claim to actually make a difference. C'Armour Skin is the first thing that truly made my skin look and feel different. My skin looks "YOUNGER", "MOISTER"

The proof is when others notice, and several people have asked me what I’m doing with my skin, even accused me of having work done!

Heather S.

Make-up Artist



What I love about C'Armour Skin is the silky texture that doesn't feel sticky or greasy.

The cream absorbs readily into the skin and immediately imparts a smooth and suppleness.

It's the perfect base for layering  multiple skin treatment products such as serums, day/night creams & sunscreen without feeling heavy. Love that it's fragrance free too!  When I wake up in the morning after applying it at night my skin feels supple and smoother and when applying it in the morning my foundation goes on more evenly.

Denise G.

Esthecian/Make-up Artist



Being in the business, I have tried everything.  I know C'Armour Skin works because even though I  already have great skin, I am getting several compliments about my skin from family, friends and clients! What I have noticed is a smoothness in my skin, even skin tone and my pores seem less visible.  Your formula is non-greasy and I can layer my other products on top.  I highly recommend this product to ALL skin types, including the most sensitive skin!  You will see a difference with your make-up application immediately!  The tube says it takes 4-6 weeks to see maximum results.  I had maximum results in 2-4 days!

Theresa R.



As a 31 year old mother of 3, I need an easy and effective cream that shows results. I have dark circles (lack of sleep) and some discoloration from occasional acne. C'Armour Skin helps so much with evening my skin tone, lessening my dark circles and leaving me with a soft, almost silk-like touch to my skin. The price is reasonable and one tube usually lasts me about 60 days (when I don't catch my husband using it too!). Love this cream!


Melissa Q. 



I use this to enhance my current skincare regimen and it makes it work even better. I use it as a base cream at night and day before I apply my serums and day or night cream. After 2 weeks, I felt improvement! My face was smooth, moist & the pigmentation seemed more even. Over the years, I have tried a lot of expensive brands like Dior, Clarins, Le Mer, Skinceuticals, Cosmedix. None delivered the results like C'Armour Skin. Now I 'can't live without it' your package says!

Carrie N. 



I am a 47 year old mother of three biological children and 2 adopted children. So as you can imagine my life goes at 100mph 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Over the many years that I have been using facial products, I must have tried every product on the market that would promise the earth and did not deliver the earth!!
Three years ago I came across C'Armour Skin  Intensive Cream and I thought that it would just be like the rest, but............ it wasn't. I can honestly say that I have loved using this cream and I can visibly see the difference.
I put the cream on before my foundation every morning and every evening after I have cleansed my face before I go to bed at night. It applies well, it is light and your face is not oily afer application.
I recommend that you give this wonderful cream a try and believe me you won't go back to using anything else!!

Sharon B.   



A friend recommended C'Armour Skin to me a long time ago... and I didn't want to try it. I admit I was skeptical. My skin is so sensitive and tends to break into an itchy rash for no reason. Since I had been using a product that my skin liked just fine, I figured `why bother to change'? Plus, I hadn't even heard of it before.

One day I was looking at the ingredients of the `other product' and realized that it contained similar ingredients to C'Armour Skin - but also a LOT of fragrance. Did I mention that it cost me 3 times more than C'Armour Skin? Well, I decided to take a leap of faith and try it, assuming that it couldn't hurt. If anything, the lack of fragrance and coloring would make it even less likely to irritate my skin. And the money I save could be used elsewhere (and who couldn't use some extra cash??) That was over a year ago, and today I must tell you that I am hooked. C'Armour Skin is truly the one product that I am addicted to. It works just as well as (or better than) products that cost much more, and it's versatile as well. I use it for my face, neck, and around my eyes. It makes the surface of your skin feel smooth and even (truly, like a `base' for other products and cosmetics). When I travel, it's the one tube I throw into my bag, after the toothpaste of course! I like it so much that I'm afraid I may tend to apply more that I need (it just feels so good!) I am very fortunate that my friend shared this with me... I wish I would have switched earlier.

Louise Mc.



This is the best product I have ever used on my skin, so good I'm purchasing this on international shipment. My skin feels so soft and looks more youthful. No other cream I have tried achieves such good results. A must have!

Kyla A.



My skin is quite oily and I tend to steer clear of many moisturisers as they give my skin break outs, however a friend recommended C'Armour Skin to me, and I'm so glad she did as it is the only moisturiser i have found that helps control the oil on my skin without giving me break outs. It's a fantastic cream and I would recommend it to anyone. Well worth the money.

Andrea H.



OMG!!! Thats what comes to mind as I start this review. I just finished my 1st tube and am ordering more!

My skin has been eternally dry & the more anti aging products I tryout the drier, tighter & flakier I become. No matter how much moisturizer, oil, hydrating masks I use I remain dry, dry, dry.

Although this product is not a moisturizer it balanced my skin out & I am no longer dry. It not only nourished my skin, it allowed it to absorb other products better as well.

However I had to test my theory. I stopped using it for 2 weeks & kept using all the rest of my products. Once again I was dry, tight & flaky.
Now that I've been back on it I rarely need moisturizer and if I do just a light one will do.

C'Armour is great under foundation. I wash, C'Armour, sunscreen then foundation. I've tried a great many things that I can only use at night because it doesn't work under my makeup.

The 'Value' of this product on my skin is immeasurable but the 'Value' of 2oz of high quality product is immense! I'm going to start using it on my neck & chest next.

This girl is turning back the hands of time :)




My skin has been amazing since I used this cream. I look healthy , fresh and the texture has never been better even my pores look smaller. I break out so easily , but I haven't found this to be the case even after having a TCA peel. It helped in the healing process. I still have my hormonal problems once a month.
The face cream is intensely rich and not sticky, it penetrates fast, I am very pleased with the results so far. I love that I can use this cream around my eyes, thats a plus and I don't have to pay more for an eye cream. My tube lasts me way longer than a two months but I don't apply it every night. Still you get a lot in the tube for a cream of this quality.
It took about a month to really see the change and I also started taking fish oil capsules that has helped go hand in hand.
On top of C Armour I like to put light water based moisturizer and I'm done.

Karen A.



I have been using C'Armour Skin for about 3 to 4 weeks, and have noticed that my skin tone looks more even, and the lines around my lips (that are hereditary) are not looking as pronounced as they used to, which I am really pleased about! My lips even feel alittle more plumped up than usual!I also noticed that the lines on my forehead feel a lot smoother and don't seem quite as deep as they used to! A tube seems to stretch a long way,and I would definitely recommend it. I will be buying more when I run out!

Susan L.



Buy, buy, buy ladies! This cream does just what it says. Since being introduced to C'Armour Skin Base, my skin has taken on a youthful, glowing appearance. The fine lines around my eyes (my smile lines) are becoming less noticeable & in general my skin is moisturised but does not look greasy! I have combination skin with a tendency to breakout ( yes, it still happens at 44!) but I can honestly say that I have had no problems with this product. I will definitely be purchasing again when I run out. Thank you C'Armour Skin Care, I love having access to this product here in Australia.

Faye H.



This cream provides the perfect base. Complimenting my skin care routine perfectly. My make up stays longer and skin looks more youthful and dewy. My moisturiser seems to hydrate my skin better when I use this base cream. I will definitely be recommending to all my friends and will buy it again for sure once it runs low. It's still gonna strong for now as a little goes a long way. A product which works so well and fills a void in the beauty market . Five stars x

Julie K.



I am 45 years old and just tried C'Armour Skin cream and I felt it wording immediately. I couldn't wait to put it on each day and now I'm hooked. My face is so much softer and healthier looking. I would definitely recommend trying it and feel the difference yourself!!


Zhi Hong Wang



I just about to finish my 2 tubes. I had some fine lines on my forehead from much younger age. Since using this cream, most of them disappeared. Amazing.
It makes my skin feel smooth, soft. I would recommend this cream highly.
Just made my second purchased today, can't wait to receive them.

Melinda K.



I feel like I have been in on the biggest secret in skin care out there! This stuff is INCREDIBLE! I was fortunate enough to begin using C'Armour Skin a few years ago and can not be happier with the result. I am a fifty-something Grandma of three who has tried just about every over the counter product out there. Many of those products made me break out, burned, smelled awful, were sticky or greasy and/or did nothing to improve my skin. Not one of those products makes my skin feel and look as good as C'Armour Skin! I look forward to smoothing it on during my daily routine - my skin is soft, supple and just feels great! Many comment on how great my skin is for someone my age. Highly recommend this - you will not be disappointed!




I'm just about to finish my 2 tubes. I had some fine lines on my forehead from much younger age. Since using this cream, most of them disappeared. Amazing.
It makes my skin feel smooth, soft. I would recommend this cream highly.
Just made my second purchased today, can't wait to receive them.